About The
Eagle Works
Design Co.

Who Are We?

After drinking a couple of pints of Guinness together every week for several years, two chaps (Dammo & Jamie) from the North Beds village of Harrold arrived at the conclusion that setting up a Digital Marketing & Design agency that helps small to medium sized businesses grow online was a good idea. That was when the Eagle Works Design Co was born.

Both of them have spent many years working in graphic & web design, with Jamie gaining a great deal of experience in SEO & Digital Marketing, whilst Dammo established himself as a professional Photographer working with publications such as Classic Car magazines and being the official photographer for the Brighton Mod Weekend. Infused with the passion they both have for helping people, setting up in business together seemed like the obvious natural progression from their solopreneur businesses.

Dammo Clarke - Co Founder

Dammo is a seasoned Commercial Photographer & Graphic Designer with a wealth of experience working across many diverse industries.

Frequently immersing himself in the electrifying ambiance of Santa Pod Raceway or navigating his classic cars through the idyllic country lanes, he specialises in logo design, headshot photography, lifestyle imagery, and automotive photography, infusing each project with a unique perspective and artistic flair.

Committed to delivering a seamless and professional experience, Dammo’s passion for his craft shines through in the impeccable quality of his work.

Whether collaborating with small enterprises, corporate giants, or niche subcultures, he eagerly embraces new challenges, consistently surpassing expectations and leaving clients delighted with every project.

Jamie Gibbons - Co Founder

Jamie is a geek, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. His technical knowledge of all things internet & Apple ensures that we are at the forefront of technology and the tools used to create high performing websites and navigate the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

His love of technology spans over 40 years back to his 11th birthday when he got a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It was clear from a young age his future was going to involve technology.

Coupled with his passion for graphic design, building websites was a symbiotic bi-product  of these two loves and in the last 25 years Jamie has built and managed in excess of 300 websites ranging from simple landing pages to large eCommerce sites.

He’s also nuts about Star Wars and loves the opportunity to geek out on new technologies with his latest obsession being AI.

Our Promise to You

We understand the struggle of small businesses to stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

By working with us, you will experience increased online visibility, higher conversion rates, and a positive brand reputation.

We strive to continually provide top-notch customer service, deliver results, and always strive to improve our strategies to help our clients succeed.

After using our services, you will become confident business owners with a strong online presence and a growing customer base.

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